Side activity: Network, Networking and Network training on- and offline

One of the side activities I enjoy very much is supporting others with networking. On- as well as Offline.
For instance: How do I build my online profile? How do I connect to others, how do I connect all the online networks to save time, how can I be found/visible online, what is Twitter and how to use it…..etc. etc.

Why I have so many connections around the world? I believe in: Open, Random, Supportive and the six degrees of separation, and also I think with certain quantity in my network I will gain a quality network.

How I do it? Let me explain it to you in person. Send me a message and let us network.
GET KNOWN, GET LIKED and BE FOLLOWED, so how can I help you?

I am on a lot of other networks as well like: Xing, Linkedin, Naymz, Konnects, Spock, Hyves, Facebook, Digg etc. etc.

CLICK FOR MY BUSINESS CARD HERE and connect with me there where you are too.

P.S. Having FUN in Serious Businesses

Kind regards and a hug,

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Marco van Velthuisen | Lean Manager

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Mail or text me and I will contact you.

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