Let me tell you a bit about myself, my passions, my business,
what I offer and what I am looking for.

My company: Manager Services van Velthuisen

Manager Services van Velthuisen is a lean management supporting firm specialised in production environments.
I am the missing link between management and the people on the shop-floor.
My strength is the conceptual knowledge combined with implementation experience.
I work bottom up to help you get the support you need from the shop-floor to reach the goals you set with the management.

My track record includes multinational companies in electronics, chemical process, pharmaceutical and food industries, call centres, ceramic and service industries.
Manager Services van Velthuisen can provide: consulting, training, workshops and #leansupport in Small & Mid-sized Organizations. (3-500 fte)
I am looking for: Business Owners, Executives, Lean Consultancies & Individual Change Managers in need of support on the shop-floor.

In short words: Let me support You so can take better care for Your clients……..

From within my company, Manager Services Netherlands, I can combine my passions and supporting skills.
I am:

My expertise

In the past (23+) years I gained a lot of experience within a variety of businesses, where I learned and developed my #leansupport skills.
Throughout those years I discovered that lean management, specially in productivity environments, is my passion.
I have a talent for analysing businesses, business structures and shop-floor situations. Together with the people from the shop-floor we work as one team to set the people back on the right track in a hands-on kind of way.
I work mostly “Bottom Up”, helping managers to achieve their goals by creating support from the shop-floor.
To visualize what I do, and would like for you and your clients too, look at this picture that says it all.

One of the methods I nowadays use to obtain this quality working environment is 5S. (kaizen/lean)

About me: Marco van Velthuisen

I am a independent social entrepreneur, 43 years young, very proud dad of my twins (boy/girl) of 9+ years old.
A few of my hobbies are: Nordic Walking, Cycling on the racebike and DJ-ing old school way with the vinyls.
I have a passion for people, positive attitudes and I love to take care of things by facilitating and supporting you to make it happen.
I have a wide interest in people and I like to meet people all over the world and network with them. Both on- and offline.


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